Ejectors of low pressure, made of carbon or stainless steels, are intended for use in systems pneumatic transport, dust air, gas, air vapor mixtures in various industries.

The environment should not contain impurities, chemical aggressiveness which does not cause accelerated corrosion of the metalwork of the ejector (corrosion rate not more than 0.1 mm / h).

Operating conditions:

  • ambient temperature from -40 to +80 ° С
  • relative humidity up to 80% at a temperature of 25 ° C
  • hydraulic resistance in the suction network is not more than 3000 Pa
  • in the place of installation of fans, the rms value of the vibration velocity from external sources of vibration shall not exceed 2 mm / s.

The jet consists of separate units, assembled in a single block with the help of bolted connections.

Block structure:

  • diffuser
  • chamber
  • confuser
  • corps
  • flange

The air flow, fed from the fan to the pressure pipe, passing through the confuser and the chamber, creates an irritation at them due to its acceleration in the intersecting section. In the case and the associated suction pipe there is traction.

The installation of ejectors should be carried out by specialized organizations and enterprises.

The installation of ejectors on objects subject to oscillation with vibration velocity greater than 2 mm / s is not allowed.

The location of the ejectors should ensure the safety and convenience of their maintenance and repair.

Prior to installation, an ejector inspection and inspection of the installation site should be performed in accordance with their design documentation.

In case of damage detection, incompleteness of supply of ejectors their commissioning is not allowed.

Air ducts from the injection side and from the suction side should be connected with the provision of tightness and should form a closed electrical circuit.

Ejectors should be commissioned after installation and repair only after the completion of pre-trial tests and the issuance of an acceptance certificate and other documentation in accordance with the rules of testing and acceptance into operation of ventilation systems.

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