Rectangular duct fans Aer Curat

Duct fan – mechanical device with electric drive, which is an integral part of the entire ventilation system of an apartment or house. Such devices are used for commercial premises. They are mounted among the areas of the ventilation system or inside the air ducts. The principle of work of these fans is based on creating the difference between input and output pressures, the formation of air streams of different power and given directions. As a rule, the main element of the design of the duct fans is a centrifugal driving wheel. It is mounted in a tandem with an electric motor. Duct fans are compact, high-performance, durable, simple in installation as well as in operation, further maintenance.

Ventulyator 1 Ventulyator 2


The advantages of duct fans Aer Curat

  • Can be used in inflow and exhaust systems;
  • Extremely low power consumption;
  • The main advantage is a reduced noise level due to high sound insulation;
  • The fan can be mounted in rooms with limited space;
  • Wide range of operating temperatures — from -30 to +40;
  • Resistance to corrosion, rotting;
  • The working life of the fan can reach more than 40 thousand hours without the work of the worker;



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