Mufflers for ventilation

Mufflers for ventilation are additional components that improve the operation of the ventilation system. These devices are needed to suppress the sound vibrations that arise when the fan operates. Mufflers are specially designed so that their soundproof form contributes to creating a quiet and comfortable environment inside the room.
These devices have a solid body, which is most often made of a sheet of galvanized steel. To achieve a good level of noise reduction, the muffler walls are covered with a layer of refractory material, for example, cotton wool. The circulating air passes through the gutter and stays on the protective material, so at the output we get the quiet operation of the fan.
Devices are divided into mufflers for round ducts and mufflers for rectangular ducts, each of which is suited to its type of ventilation systems. Therefore, the desire to buy mufflers will allow a planned modification of the overall work, which will entail receiving the long-awaited comfort.

Mufflers for ventilation Mufflers for ventilation

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