Stainless steel

Chimneys made of stainless steel


  Chimney systems made of stainless steel are universal and can work with any heating equipment. They are also comfortable at installation and occupy a minimum area. Thanks to the modularity (the largest length of the pipe – 1 meter) a chimney system of any configuration can be assembled from the components.

    The company “Aer Curat” offers chimneys made of acid-resistant and heat-resistant stainless steel. Due to this our products have a wide range of applications – from condensing gas boilers to fireplaces and wood furnaces. Considering this, the important point is to select the correct thickness of the wall of the stainless steel pipe. For gaseous fuels a wall thickness of 0,5-0,6 mm is recommended, while for a solid fuel – 0,8 or 1 mm, depending on the temperature of flue gases.

                                                        Single-wall flues


Single-wall fluess made of stainless steel are designed to protect the existing brick channels. They reliably protect the existing flue from the effects of aggressive condensate, which is formed during the operation of modern heating devices. Single-wall systems are used for laying the smoke channel only inside the heated space, or as an insert into the existing brick chimney of a gas boiler, a fireplace, a furnace, and others.


                                     imagesDouble-wall flues

For the arrangement of chimneys outside the premises (chimneys, chimneys located above the roof) are used insulated chimneys.

Pre-insulated pipes consist of an inner and outer pipe. Between them there is pressed mineral wool insulation material on the basis of basalt rocks of thickness 30-35 mm, which withstands the temperature regime up to 1000ºC and has low thermal conductivity. This allows minimizing the formation of aggressive condensate. Also, due to the isolation, the double-wall flues keep the temperature of the flue gases as high as possible, which prevents the reduction of traction in the winter.

                                                         Flue construction scheme


Картинки по запросу одностінні димоходи

The main function of the cap on the flue is the protection against falling rainfall, also serves as a decoration of the flue.




Картинки по запросу дефлектор фото

By itself, the deflector strengthens the thrust of the deviation of air flow. The wind encounters an obstacle, and a low pressure zone is detected in front of the flue pipe. That’s how the traction increases.

Studies have shown that when using a deflector, the efficiency of the chimney is increased by as much as 20%. It also protects the pipes from getting snow, rain and garbage in them, which can spread the wind. And the deflector works well in all conditions – no matter how and where the wind is blowing. It also serves as an ornament for your chimney system.

Increase the efficiency of your chimney by deflector.

                Tees 90° 45°

Картинки по запросу Трійники 90° 45°

Tees are intended for connection of a heating device with a chimney. At the bottom of the tees, a revision plug or condensate drain may be installed. Through the tee inspect and clean the chimney are carried out.

A wide selection of tees for different chimneys.

                                Reduction transition

Картинки по запросу перехід редукційний фото

Adjuster reducer – an element used to connect two single-wall parts of a diverter system of different diameters. If you want to change the diameter of the smoke channel from smaller to larger, or vice versa, the adapter is installed in the connection area.

Made of stainless steel in size of the customer.

                                        Revision with an external hinge

Похожее изображение

Serves as a support for a chimney construction. Through it, clean and inspect the flue are carried out.




Картинки по запросу Труба (Гільза)фото

The chimney pipe is the main element of the chimney system, where the combustion products from your heating device (boiler, furnace or fireplace) are taken out. Designed for cladding of existing brick channels. Protects the fireplace from condensation, soot, thereby preventing its destruction. Lifetime is increasing.

Made of acid-resistant stainless steel.

     Oval pipe

Картинки по запросу Труба ( Гільза ) Овальна фото

The oval cross section is intended for the protection of brick channels.

Made of stainless steel in size of the customer.

Stainless steel box

Картинки по запросу короб з нержавіючої сталі

The pipe of a rectangular cut is used for the protection of brick channels.



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