Air ducts

Air ducts – manufacturing, installation, selling

Creation of an efficient ventilation system with air ducts is an important and nessesary task in the construction of residential or commercial real estate, the basis of a comfortable microclimate indoor, as well as health, well-being of people. The company “Aer Curat” – the leading manufacturer of ventilation systems – offers you the manufacture and selling of air ducts for ventilation of various sizes, types, shaped products, mufflers, as well as various components, consumables necessary for the installation of air ducts of ventilation systems in all types of buildings.
Production and sale of ventilation equipment are one of the main areas of our company’s activities. We manufacture for sale high-quality air ducts made of galvanized steel, manufactured on high-tech equipment. Modern lines allow to make galvanized air ducts of different types, forms for further sale and installation.

Advantages of “Aer Curat” ventilation systems:


  • A wide range of products. You can buy round or rectangular air ducts of various sizes and types, as well as equipment for their installation in our company .
  • High quality at affordable prices. Production of air ducts is carried out on modern equipment.
  • You can buy air ducts both retail and wholesale.
  • Effectiveness of the order execution. Our specialists provide fast and qualitative manufacturing of rectangular, circular air ducts and shaped products, as well as consumables and components.
  • The strict observance of the deadlines for the manufacture of air ducts.
  • Help in choosing ventilation systems. Our specialists will provide you with comprehensive technical information about products, help you choose the correct ventilation, and calculate their number for installation.
  • A long guarantee on all air ducts made of galvanized steel
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