Fire-fighting valves

The valve is produced with a fire resistance limit of 120 minutes. Limit of flame resistance of the valve КПД-120

  • in the mode of a normally open (fire-retardant) valve – El 120
  • in the mode of a normally closed (smoke) valve – El – 120, E120

Fire-fighting valves are intended for installation in ventilation ducts, to prevent the spread of fire and combustion products from one room to another by means of overlapping of air ducts in accordance with the relevant norms and standards. Functionally used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in civil and industrial buildings, in emergency smoke ventilation systems, to remove smoke from a fire in order to ensure evacuation of people from the premises at the initial stage of the fire that arose.

The valve body is made of galvanized steel of the European manufacturer. In particular, it has a high zinc content of 275 mg / m², while the traditional zinc content is not more than 140 mg / m². The rotary blade uses a fire-resistant material. On the perimeter of the blade is a thermosetting seal, which expands under the influence of high temperatures and thus provides a high tightness of the closed valve.The valve actuators are installed outside the casing. The valve automatically overlaps the air flow with the servo actuator spring.

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