Flanges for aspiration pipes

Flanges are made of steel. These flanges receive on a plasma cutting machine.

For the production of flanges, steel is used with a thickness of 3 mm. The internal diameter of the flange is equal to the diameter of the duct and can vary from 100 to 1200 mm.

In the circle of the flange are mounting holes, the number of which depends on the diameter of the flange.

The flanges are suitable for galvanized and welded ducts and provide a reliable connection without gaps. Often, the connection of air ducts with the help of flanges is used in the installation of smoke removal systems, aspiration and pneumatic transport. With the help of flanges it is possible to quickly get sections of air lines of the required length.

Flanges for air ducts are capable of providing a high-quality and reliable connection that will not have gaps. Using a flanged connection, we can get any length of air ducts required during installation work.

Flanges for aspiration pipes Flanges for aspiration pipes

Flanges for aspiration pipes

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