Еlectrostatic filters

When dealing with toxins and pollutants that are present in the air indoors, the effectiveness of the air purifier is the most important characteristic. There are several key technologies that have proven effective in providing real air purification inside the premises.

The principle of operation of the air purifier is based on the attraction of positively charged and negatively charged atoms and the settling of positively charged particles on the collector plates of the electrostatic filter.

Application of air purifier
The real key to the solution of air purification is the removal of pollutants in their source. Air purifier removes rather than disperses unpleasant odors, cures small particles of dust, which can cause allergies, asthma and weakening of immunity, cleans from pets’ wool, dust mites, various kinds of smoke, including tobacco. The air purifier carries out bactericidal cleaning in the room, therefore, it kills mildew spores, bacteria and viruses.

Choice of air purifier
The model of air purifier is selected depending on the type of pollution, the volume of the room and the required air purity.

If you decide to buy air purifier, you should take into account many factors, namely: the size of the room, the degree of its pollution, attendance, but most importantly, you should not be guided only by the cost of air purifier, without paying attention to its characteristics. Contact our experts for the correct selection of an industrial or commercial filter.


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