Diagonal fans

This fan is especially well suited for installation in places with a small space such as mines, hotels, museums, etc. It is also used for ventilation in high-rise buildings, where the temperature of the gas is from -20 °С to 50 °С, and the amount of dust and solids ≤ 100 mg/m³. All models of such fans operate from a network of 380 V 50 Hz.

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The AerCurat frequency converters (or simply – inverters) are designed to smoothly control the speed of asynchronous motors, using the property of transforming single-phase voltage with a constant frequency into three-phase voltage of the variable frequency. Frequency converters optimize the operation of mechanisms in different operating modes and provide: smooth start of the electric drive, […]

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Check valve The check valve is intended for installation in round air ducts to cut air flow and prevent its return movement. The case is made of galvanized steel. The aluminum blades are spring-loaded, so the valve can be installed in an upright position.   Throttle valve Throttle valves are designed to regulate the flow […]

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