Aer Curat seria DAN

Aer Curat seria DAN

Air-water chiller.
Work at a temperature of -15 ℃ of ambient temperature
Maximum output temperature of hot water + 60 ℃

  • Compact construction and design
  • Branded components, compressor Copeland, Japan saginomiya four-way valve, Emerson expansion valve
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant HCHF like R410A / R417A / R407C
  • Automatic anti-freeze function and defrost control
  • Possible control of auxiliary electric heating
  • 220V / 50HZ, 380V / 50HZ, 440V / 60HZ  a special power supply is available
  • System without toxic emissions, which uses only electricity in its work
  • The system quickly returns investment – payback up to 2 years
  • A durable system that can withstand prolonged load
  • Economic model with high COP 4,18
  • The price is lower than that of competitors 2-3 times.


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