Aer Curat, a young, promising, Ukrainian-Romanian company that is actively developing, is involved in the design, manufacture and sale of Aer Curat industrial duct and roof fans with reliable engines of German production, heat pumps of the trademark of Aer Curat series DAN, DAN +, DAN70, ventilation systems, complex heating systems, filtration and cooling of air and water. The activity of our company and partners is confirmed by the corresponding certificates.

All equipment produced by the company “Aer Curat” is designed considering the climatic conditions and features of installation, installation and operation. In addition, our company recommends such products of its own production: air ducts, filters, silencers and other complementing materials for ventilation systems. All offered products developed by the specialists of the company, are produced and tested on their own production. We have our own production line and we manufacture our own complete range of equipment for ventilation and air-conditioning systems of any degree of complexity. The company’s workshop is equipped in accordance with international standards and carries out a full-fledged production cycle, therefore we offer only high-quality goods on the building materials market. The technical equipment of the workshop makes it possible to produce air ducts of rectangular cross-section from galvanized and stainless steel with a thickness of up to 0.8 mm. and gives an opportunity to quickly and inexpensively equip a ventilation system of any complexity. We provide our customers with a guarantee of quality and confidence in the long-term work of our products, carrying out continuous control over the production of products.

Organizing production, we adopted advanced domestic and foreign experience, introduced the latest economic and energy-efficient technologies, selected high-quality materials and components of the world’s best manufacturers. . The company “Aer Curat” as a manufacturer and supplier guarantees that all products are certified, because we pay special attention to quality control (from production to delivery to the facility). Continuous improvement of the quality of the air conditioning and ventilation systems enabled the company “Aer Curat” to gain the trust of partners and customers.

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